Follow Your Bliss Chicken Kabab

Chicken Kabab

Follow Your Bliss Chicken Kabab recipe using special Italian herb blend by Roberto Cruz/ Owner & Chef/ Follow Your Bliss Catering Co



2 lbs. chicken diced 1 ¼” cubes

8 oz. baby Bella mushrooms

1 med. red onion diced 1 ¼”

1 pt. cherry tomato

FYB (Follow Your Bliss) Italian Herb Blend

About 4 oz. or ½ Cup Oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Juice of 1 each Lemon & Orange

How to make Follow Your Bliss Chicken Kabab

In large bowl add chicken, onion, coat with oil & juice, salt & pepper, dusting of Follow Your Bliss Italian herb blend, toss together, chill 3 hours if possible. Skewer tomato, mushroom, onion & chicken. Cook to 165 degrees. Rest. Serve with your favorite salad, rice pilaf or side.

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